Monday, March 2, 2009

The Snowy Day

It's Monday and the end of the day. It snowed and left a cover of virgin powder so dry that when walked on it sounds like peanut droppings on a dirt floor. It is a cold dry setting sun and I have lots to do. I have been creating punchneedle works lately. Punchneedle is an old Russia form of embroidery much like the primitive rug hooking here in the good ole USA. Punchneedle is produced on a much smaller scale. It really is a great way to practice training for patience and attention to detail. I have completed four or five projects and it is a slow (turtle speed){}}}} improvement. Mu ebay friend Ginger aka nyafarmgirl has just finished explaining how to create this craft in VERY good instructional detail. Her blog is listed on the side of my page. She does great work and her pieces really speak about her! Take a look if your interested. You won't regret it.

I am part of an ebay group of ladies called the Ye Olde Thyme Primitives!!!

We may be primitive but…. WE AREN'tOLDE!!

They are a warm and friendly group of ladies and some of their blogs are part of my following group. Look them up. Their stuff is awesome!!!

I also am part of a group called Age Before Beauty(AB4B). Nice large group of crafters that have a huge variety of crafters to pick and chose from. Lastly is The Lemon Poppy Seeds (LPSX). Their Primitive style web page is spectacular and of course all extreme prim…… I hope some of you will respond to my words or even join in. I will include some new pictures soon.

Until then, have a nice lazy evening.



  1. Kim~ I'm sure looking forward to seeing what you've been punching. It can become quite addictive so be careful!

  2. Just had to drop in again and tell you your punchneedle projects look great! Wishing you lots of bids. :)Ginger